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Exploring the Capabilities of eBPF: An Interview with Author & Chief Open Source Officer, Liz Rice

6 Keys to Human-Centric Software Development

Tech Hiring in 2023: Trends, Predictions & Strategies for Success w/ Datapeople Cofounder Maryam Jahanshahi

3 Data Points You Should Show Your CEO Every Week (aka are we on track to deliver XYZ feature?)

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How Promotions Ruin Dev Careers w/ Shopify's Dir. of Engineering James Stanier

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What CTOs Say vs. What Their Developers Hear w/ DataStax's Shankar Ramaswamy

DevOps is the Philosophy, Platform is the Practice w/ Humanitec's founder and CEO, Kaspar von Grünberg

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Team Topologies: Organizing Business & Technology Teams w/ authors Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais

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Reinventing IBM | DevSecOps, AI, Quantum Computing w/ IBM Fellow, Rosalind Radcliffe

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Startup Growth & Metrics: What to Measure & When w/ VP of Engineering & Leadership Coach, Laura Tacho

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