Thank you for this fantastic guest post Jean!

We talk a lot about leadership - how to be a better leader, how to hire better, how to expand your role.

But we don't always stop to ask: is that classic career ladder the right step for you?

This is a must read for anyone struggling with the decisions of what they want their career to look like.

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This is an excellent and very timely post! As I turn 40, have two kids, working in a company that has had several rounds of layoffs, and in a highly competitive job market, I’ve been thinking more and more of entrepreneurship. Why climb the ladder when you can own it? This post has given me more fuel to start my own side business. Thanks again.

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@jeanhsu I wanted to be happy when I grow up.

I think everybody should define their own version of success. And not get it defined by others.

I realized it after having a 1-year toddler at home. Sometimes you need to slow down to see the world around you, right?

Thanks for this great post.

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Such a thoughtful post Jean.

Although I’ve never considered myself to be a high achiever, I find myself nodding along with your points. I recently did a wheel of life exercise where I actually took Career off the wheel to force myself to think about what I really want for my life. And I realized I want to be continuously learning and growing intellectually and climbing the career ladder was one way to achieve that. But just one of the ways.

Thanks again for this thoughtful post. ❤️

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