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Hello about -> What data says about tech hiring in 2023... Issue #89

I would like to have an idea about the different paths in the field of Data Science.

Because I think that there are different trainings depending on the programming languages used.

For example :

1 - Data Science & ML for Python

2 - My SQL for data science

3 - Python for Data Science and Data Analysis

4 - Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Python & R

5 - Mobile ML and Data Science with nitroproc

While highlighting that machine learning has transformed many industries, allowing companies to extract valuable insights from large amounts of data. However, implementing effective machine learning solutions comes with its own set of challenges. What is the right approach for small, growing businesses?

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Great question - I think you're spot on that the training differs between paths. I'm not an expert in this but I'd suggest checking out DataPeople's research as a potential next step - https://datapeople.io/download-tips-and-guidebooks/

Plus these articles go pretty in-depth on the career path side (though they're both pitching bootcamps, consultations, etc):

- From Columbia University: https://bootcamp.cvn.columbia.edu/blog/data-scientist-career-path/

- Knowledge Hut article: https://www.knowledgehut.com/blog/data-science/data-scientist-career-path

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