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Bursting the TDD Bubble w/ Adeva's CEO, Katerina Trajchevska

Season 2 Finale: Holidays, 2022’s Favorite Moments, Season 3 Sneak Peek & more!

It’s Not Open Source, It’s You. Where Open Source Risk Comes From w/ Sonatype

Treating Devs Like Human Beings | A Conversation w/ Kelly Vaughn, Jean Hsu & Lena Reinhard

Gene Kim + The Rise and Fall of DevOps | Conversations from DevOps Enterprise Summit

Economic Downturn is No Excuse to Use Individual Metrics w/ Ori Keren, Co-Founder & CEO of LinearB

Why Estimated Review Time Improves Pull Requests And Reduces Cycle Time

Why Startups Suck at Security w/ Vanta's Head of Engineering, Matt Spitz

Leading Engineers in Uncertain Times | A Conversation w/ CircleCI, & Oliver Wyman

The Promise of Platform Engineering w/ Charity Majors, CTO at Honeycomb

How Hippo Increased Productivity with LinearB

Why Discord is Betting Big on Devs w/ Anjney Midha VP of Platform Ecosystem at Discord

Dev Interrupted: Hebrew Edition Recap

Where Did All The Focus Time Go? Dissecting 1.5 Million Meetings w/ Clockwise's VP of Engineering, Dan Kador

How Reprise Stopped Engineering Bottlenecks Using LinearB

LB Labs: The Best & Worst Programming Languages For Dev Workflow

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Atlassian’s Eye-Opening State of Teams Report w/ Mark Cruth Modern Work Evangelist

Ship/Show/Ask - A Branching Strategy for Modern Dev Teams w/ Author & Eng Leader Rouan Wilsenach

Solving the Next Engineering Challenge: Continuous Merge

We Solved Dev Infrastructure, So Why Does it Suck to Build Stuff? w/ Hasura's Tanmai Gopal

Lessons Learned from Programming at Google w/ Hyrum Wright & Titus Winters

The Day-1 Decisions that Make or Break Companies w/ PlanetScale's CEO Sam Lambert

Stripe on Treating Dev Bandwidth as Your Most Valuable Resource w/ Stripe’s Head of Engineering, Smruti Patel

LB Labs: Solving The Pull Request Problem w/ Continuous Merge

How Dama Financial Improved Cycle Time With LinearB

Why Devs Break Up with Their Bosses w/ Oliver Wyman's Carolyn Vo

The Art of Letting Your Devs Step Up w/ Equinix’s Rajah Kalipatnapu

How a Trained Therapist Diagnoses Healthy Dev Teams w/ Engineer & Entrepreneur, Kelly Vaughn

Stop Using the Top-Down Management Model

The Dangers of Shipping at All Costs w/ CEO & Cofounder of 33 Teams, Drew McManus

Level Up Your Engineering Management Skills: Why You Should View Your Mistakes as ‘Misses’

What a Healthy Relationship with Open Source Looks Like ft. GitLab's John Coghlan

How to Train Devs to Disrupt Industries w/ Lessen's CTO Chris Bee

Creating a Better CTO Playbook w/ Dama Financial's CTO Zach Goldberg

The Best Solution to Burnout We’ve Ever Heard | A Conversation With Slack, Netlify & Ambassador Labs

DI Labs: What Do Elite Dev Teams Look Like? w/ Ori Keren, Co-Founder & CEO of LinearB

4 Careers for People with Coding Backgrounds

Getting the Respect Your Work Deserves: A Live Workshop w/ Engineering Coach Lena Reinhard

How a hacker, a hustler, and a designer made RSS feeds cool

The 2 Things You Ask Your Team When You Pass $1B w/ Hippo’s VP of Engineering

The Quest to Build the Perfect Bot w/ Ubisoft's Joshua Romoff

3 Predictions About How Technology Businesses Will Change In 10 Years